Tuesday, September 8, 2015

From Sirius to Syria

Some Words...from the heart of Sirius to the heart of Syria.
"In your light, beautiful star I once inhabited, I saw the origins of a holy people that called us to create the pillars of a new world, in sandstone prairies shining with etheric lakes of sunshine, givers of words reminiscent of the mother of the children we are today. Children who, leaving the light of your refuge, mother star, sought out a land which carried wisdom by name, and in her warmth, reminded us of you. 
Now your protection fades into the distance, heralding in the children of today with our cries; the birth of a new world as your light vanishes into the mirages of the old truth. Your sister cries tears to open new paths for those who, in the fresh air of the goddess Wind, are able to travel them, hopeful to find you once again on the breast of Love which is change; where children laugh in emerald green meadows, where their cheeks are bathed by tears of happiness...
Isis, spirit of Syria, our mother star; we, celestial children, watch you through the tears of longing that your distant celestial twinkles evoke, resonating with smiles of faith, wishing only to light up the magnificence of your light through all the world, where your helpless children walk barefoot in their aimless yet luminous wandering..."

On behalf of everyone who once left Sirius, I dedicate these words to all those who are leaving Syria today. WE ARE ONE!


1- I speak from my life experience in the worlds of the star Sirius.
2- the Land of Syria is the reflection of the Mother star.
3- the Goddess Isis is the Mother goddess, spirit of the Star (today ISIS is attacking the country of Syria). 
4- the Sister who is Crying is the Moon, who was the guardian of the deprived and helpless in ancient times. 
5- the Children are Humanity, and the holy people are the sons of the celestial worlds.
6- the goddess Wind is the Greek god of Air known as Europe.
7- the breast of Love is the new world that will be born after the conflict. 


It is not the conflict of War that distances us from Peace, but our failure to remember Who We Are, which disconnects us from what is True. War ends the moment I recognize my being as the creator of all realities. 
Our internal war will vanish the moment we stop struggling, and simply understand its roots to transcend our own creation.  
The War we share in the world will vanish once this process is co-created by our collective consciousness, and when each individual joins together to share the transcendence of their own process as cells in the body of Humanity. 
Syria is the Voice of the Great Serpent, located in the throat under the head that is Turkey: this voice is crying out to the world, announcing a powerful and inevitable change: the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. 
Look at these changes with the love they deserve, recognizing the pain of those creating it to free them from the worst of all wars: that which resurges within us time and time again following the cycles of history. 
Change is constant; let's not fear transformation however much it may hurt: the realities of today, even the ones we love, emerge from the imperative need to change in the face of conflict...in the deep and dark roots of our being we find the power that will help us see how high we've reached our leaves to touch the light of the Sun. 
Pilgrims of the Universe, Travellers of the Earth, it is our duty to keep on walking, to migrate and transform; but now, detached from pain and radiating Love toward the densest and darkest shadows. 

Elah ed-ti'óm... may Love be in and with us.

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