Sunday, August 9, 2015

8-8-8 Summary


This August 8, 2015: 888, these Calendrical numbers indicated the moment for a large group of conscious people to come together as a Network under a shared purpose: to deposit a seed of light in the Divine Matrix to reactivate the great Tree that unites Heaven, Humanity, and Earth in eternity, awakening the codes for a New Reality. 

Crossing this Portal is a symbol which, like each portal we pass through in our lives, prepares us to fulfill our mission here on Earth as a collective, helping us to elevate our frequency to the necessary level. 

Nothing will take place during these portals that can astound us in unconsciousness, as everything that happens brings us consciously toward inner fullness and the rightful perception of reality. Being in the middle of it all, we can recognize the quantum power that we generate when we come together around a single thought that creates an idea that can change reality. Numbers and dates are simply focal points that help to concentrate our thought, and their repetition is what sustains and recreates them over and over again so we can grow in knowledge and consciousness. 


Within the Great Pyramid of Cheops, together with Micerinos and Kefren, the records of the origin and purpose of Humanity have been kept. The Sphinx is their Guardian and Custodian. 

Having gathered the potency from all the work and activations that have been carried out by hundreds of people along the Nile in years prior, we propelled the gears of the Chakras of Egypt so that, with all this power, we could release a great emission of ancestral energy into the Network on the morning of 888. In this way, we would be able to plant the information necessary in order to complete our mission as a group within the great mission of Humanity that will take place over the next 8 years, until the next 888 in 2024. 


At 4am Cairo time, we presented ourselves in front of the Great Sphinx, to whom we asked permission to awaken the atlantean records we once left there. In the background, amidst the silence, someone far away was listening to the song Misty Mountain from The Hobbit, before the songs of prayer began to saturate the atmosphere.

Wrapped in this mysticism, we planted the atlantean crystals in the Third Eye of the Nile as an offering and key for this portal. 

When we entered the Pyramid, they invited us to enter not only the King's Chamber, but the 3 other chambers as well. 

1 - Under the Earth, in the chamber of the Body and the Earth, to the sound of the drum, we vibrated in synchrony with the roots of the world and their records, awakening them. 

2 - In the middle of the Pyramid, the chamber of the Soul and Humanity, we expanded the Flower of Life out into the Network. 

3 - High up in the Upper chamber, the chamber of the Spirit and Heavens, we propelled this information and consciousness in fullness out into the great Magnetic Grid. 

Masters of all kinds and epochs made themselves present, and some of them spoke, guiding us through an hour of activation which, without planning beforehand, gave way to ceremonious harmonies. 

The 4 of us present were used as physical tools that represented fractals of an enormous Network of people, which goes beyond just those who were connected in this task. Everything said and done was for everyone. 

And without us knowing, Iranzu left her phone recording in a corner, and everything was recorded. This is why we have decided to share it with you, as it belongs to everyone. 

The Audio still isn't in as high quality as we would like, as it became over saturated with so much vibration, but it nonetheless maintains the frequency that was generated there. 

Everything took place in absolute darkness, as they allowed us to turn off all the lights and ventilation, which can be heard at the beginning and end of the recording. 


What these sounds are capable of moving inside of you is very powerful, and I advise you to listen to them when you are calm and in meditation, or about to sleep.

The voices belong to the only 4 people who were there, alone. At the end, the words in other languages are codes of information which three channelled beings extended into the Network in the shape of a Flower and Seeds of Life. 

From now on, you can meditate with this, holding the frequency of the entire Nile and our ancestors inside of you, radiating and pulsing them out into the Network. 

Thank you for being part of this Path and of the co-creation of a New Reality. 

Click on the following link for the recording:

Audio SoundCloud Activation 888

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