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With your minimum monthly donation of AR$111 (US $13 - €10) you will help us sustain the structure and pillars of the Arsayian Foundation so we may continue moving forward along the Harwitum Path to give shape to the projects that will bring Heaven to Earth in the city of Isidris. 

Join the Path”

With your monthly donation, in addition to being granted a User Account and accessing all On-Line talks and workshops, you will be supporting the following activities: 
  • Awareness activities: proposed by the various Harwitum Groups, these will entail improvement projects carried out in each group's region in the 7 different Areas, as a means for the message of Unified Social Transformation to reach all corners of the globe.
  • The Atlantean Cross: The Planetary Dodecahedron – the 2016-2017 Global phase of the Harwitum Journey, as well as its documentary project. (More information soon.)


Join your region or city's Facebook group. If there isn't one, contact our Official Harwitum Movement Facebook page and create a group in your city click here.

In one way or another, we are all a part of this Journey. Each step in our lives brings us closer to the realization that our little part to play is indispensable to the formation of something greater.
Each of us has something different to contribute to this Plan, whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually, in person or from afar. While some take the small, but necessary steps along the path, others embark on great journeys on the behalf of everyone.

The goal is transcendence itself, knowing that we are active participants in our own evolution and realizing that everything we do, we do because of the impulse to change.

The means to change is by transforming our way of seeing the world and interacting with it from within.

A shift in Paradigm will help us see ourselves as continuous agents of change, driven by a purpose that transcends our lives.

For this, we propose 3 Fundamental Projects that aim to develop an awareness of conscious transformation.
  • THE HARWITUM JOURNEY: To weave the Planetary Web - physically travelling the world anchors patterns of consciousness, helping us to understand the interaction between ancient and modern civilizations. In this way, we come to recognize our unified history and learn about the relationship between our body and the world while enjoying its discovery from a new perspective. At the same time, by working on the geometric nodes of the planet and travelling to the remote sites where they are found, we can reactivate these centres and create the same effect in the Earth's body as a massage produces in the human body.
This journey weaves together the web of geometry and magnetism that connects us all. By pressing on its nerve centres and releasing planetary tension, we can produce reactions of transformation. As humans, all ancient civilizations knew the importance of this relationship with the Earth, but our current civilizations have lost it. By continuously walking this path, we keep the network alive that unites us all, which provides us with the tools and knowledge that will help us construct the systems that the world needs in every moment. 

The Next journey will commence in the south of the Argentine Patagonia in early 2016 and will finish in late 2017, having travelled across the earth and all the mountain ranges of the world.

We will provide more information soon.
  • HARWITUM ACTIVITES: there are over 300 Harwitum Groups from all around the globe which hold the intention of collaborating in the awakening of the world. Our goal for this project is to have these groups collaborate through small activities in areas in need, such as in hospitals, schools, on the street, or in municipalities, and that these community actions are supported by the Arsayian Foundation through collective contributions.

Any Harwitum Group that has an idea for work in their community can write to the Official Facebook page of the Arsayian Foundation and propose activities that will be publicly diffused through our social networks, and in the case of economic need, will be supported through donations.

The more of us there are and the more of us that join, the greater the transformation we can achieve as a network.

  • ISIDRIS EXPERIMENTATION CENTRE: Our objective is the creation of a centre where, connected to the World's Universities, we can offer courses and training workshops to students that want to learn about different areas in social and urban planning, from agriculture, health and technology, to political economies, education and philosophy.

The Centre will be a physical place with both physical and virtual classrooms, with the objective of re-transmitting these classes in different cities and countries internationally, from which professionals from around the world can prepare and present projects in each field. This will give rise to new undertakings in social planning and even the creation of new urban models.

This is a large project that will entail the collaboration and support of all those who wish to create new social systems guided by Spirit.

These Three Projects will be carried out in the order they are shown, and their timing will depend on the collaborative effort of everyone involved.


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  1. Soy del movimiento HARWITUM MATURIN Venezuela.. Esta bueno el Proyecto Isidris. Ustedes daran las pautas de esto centros o la podemos desarrollar nosotros?