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Harwitum is a global movement born from the intention of many individuals willing to collaborate in the Conscious Awakening of the planet.

"We are the bees that pollinate the flowers of the world through consciousness"

Harwitum aims to be a wave that reconnects Humanity and the Earth in unity through the understanding that we all form part of a Plan within a Network which makes us what we are, but which we have devalued in the last millennia of our history.

This Path, which means "from North to South", was first carried out ten thousand years ago with the objective of unifying the information of the world so that it could flourish once again through human civilization. 

It's principal objectives are to recognize: 
  • that we are spiritual beings living a human experience
  • that our purpose is to bring the Consciousness of Transformation to the physical worlds
  • that the tool by which we achieve this is Unconditional Love
  • that we are a fractal extension of the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy and the Cosmos
  • and therefore, that the Whole affects us and we affect the Whole
  • that civilization is the expression of the tool that humans possess for enlightenment
  • that we must get to know our world and connect it as a network so that information can flow
  • that walking across the world is the only way to connect it physically

Through this Blog you will be able to follow the steps of the Pilgrims who have decided to launch themselves into the experience of living the incredible and magical movie that is walking through life without conditioning. 


The Harwitum Path that we returned to complete officially good place between February 7, 2012 and December 22, 2012. 


It was carried out across 40 countries in all 7 continents, in the following order:

Spain, Canary Islands, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Siberia, Oman, Armenia, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Bosnia, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Antarctica.


The official Journey of 2012 was completed upon returning from the Antarctica, which was the last place on our list. However, the Journey was created as an open Movement, and it is important for each person to continue finding new power centres, activating them, and moving their energies to create the Web that we are all a part of. The Harwitum Journey has no end as long as there are people willing to maintain connection by travelling across the World and weaving this web of consciousness to the far ends of the continents.

This movement is intended to be a collective impulse for all those who feel called to share in a great Web of Consciousness, connecting us so we can put our hands to work for the transformation of this world.

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