The Foundation


The Arsayian Foundation was created to give shape to a Human Network that shares the common intention of transforming the world from a perspective of New Consciousness.

The name Arsayian means “Of those who Speak to the World” which is to say, the premise of this Foundation is to enable the message of a New Humanity to reach the world. This message, which gave rise to the Arsayian Foundation, gives meaning to our purpose as a species on Earth and the role our social history has played in the evolutionary development of the Earth and the Universe in tandem. Its objective is to ensure that anyone with ideas, projects, and intentions that help unify our ideas of evolution can be supported through a strong network that will sustain the creation and planning of new social systems, from economics, to politics, education, spirituality, architecture, science, medicine, technology, among others. In this way, the Foundation will lay the groundwork for our future in alignment with the evolutionary order of the Earth.

How did the Foundation emerge? 

The Foundation was created on December 12th, 2011 as a means to support the upcoming consciousness projects that began in 2012 in accordance with the messages I had outlined in the Ater Tumti Plan since 2009.

Ater Tumti is a plan created by ancient civilizations whose object was to bring Heaven to Earth by anchoring divinity through social systems. To achieve this, it was necessary for messengers to connect the world on a path that would help us realize that we can experience divinity in matter, and this path was called Harwitum. Its messengers, called Arsayian, are those in charge of diffusing this path. For this reason, the Foundation was approved on December 21st 2012, the same day that this path of planetary reconnection culminated in the Antarctic.

From that day on, the Spirit of Ater Tumti and the Soul of Harwitum could officially begin to manifest themselves in a body, which is the Arsayian Foundation. 

  • To allow the message of a New Humanity to reach the world
  • To provide a space for others to share their messages and missions
  • To support activities that raise individual and social awareness
  • To design the frameworks of transformative systems for a new society
  • To carry out planetary work
  • To carry out humanitarian work
  • To lay the foundations for a new society
The Project
There are several existing projects which will continue to grow and multiply, all of which offer activities that facilitate human collaboration with the intention of raising awareness of our purpose as a species on the Earth.

The aim of the Arsayian projects is to allow us to become messengers of the transformation of Heaven and Earth, by turning Earth into Heaven.

The Main Project, to which all the others point, is to build a model of flexible and biological social organization that will serve as an example for social transformation, not only as a community, but as a model of what humans are capable of achieving when working in harmony with the planet on which we live.

The main Objective is to fulfill the Ater Tumti plan: to bring Heaven to Earth through the organization of civic and social systems, creating an urban model that supports the evolution of our being in positive growth – economically and technologically, in education, politics, health, and agriculture. 

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