Sunday, September 27, 2015

Assignment September 27-28


To be an anchor in the centre point of the largest Network of Faith in the world, to liberate everything we carry on our shoulders through all the temples of the world that are connected to this node in Jerusalem; so in this way, we can send it to the Moon under the Power of the Eclipse. 

To assist in the Ascension of a part of human consciousness from a location that is historically recognized as being the centre point of the Ascension of someone who joins hundreds of millions of people, beyond all religion and beliefs. 

A Collective Meditation to Weave a web of Light and unconditional Love between all the temples of the world which are linked to Jerusalem for the Ascension of Consciousness. 

From the inside or outside of these temples. Go the the temple that is closest to you, and from the inside or outside, set the intention to anchor light and love there

In meditation, make the intention to connect every temple of the world with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Imagine you are weaving a web of light between each temple, church, mosque, or synagogue in the world, connecting them to Jerusalem, and sustaining this vibration with smiles, laughter, to activate the entire network. 

To elevate all pain, frustration, and stagnated conflict from the past up toward the Moon, like trails of light ascending into the atmosphere and beyond. To make the intention to Elevate everything that no longer serves us to raise our vibration; everything that prevents Humanity from touching its deepest being.

The MEETING will take place for as long as you are able during the 3 to 4 hours that the Eclipse will last, from the beginning to the end, wherever you are. 

The height of the Eclipse in Jerusalem will be at 05:11am, on September 28th, local time. If you are in Jerusalem and you would like to participate in the Meditation, go to the doors of the Holy Sepulchre at 04:45am. 

For those who resonate, you are called to extend all your Love toward the Harvest Moon to add our tiny grain of sand to the Ascension of Planetary Consciousness

Thank you for walking the Earth, 
Thank you for having chosen to be born in these times. 

Ascension of Humanity



Over the last few months, many people have been asking me what I think will happen at the end of September, as there has been a lot of talk about something big taking place, whether it be positive or negative, that will cause Humanity to change rapidly. 
From my point of view, there are no such thing as special days where things happen that cause us to change, but rather days that we choose to make change possible. 

My answer was always that I had no clue, and that it would surely be just like any other day, much like December 21st, 2012. 

Nothing happened for those who Do Not See, and much took place for those who SEE. 

Every date is a temporary choice that impels us toward a new reality, and the more people who join in this thought, the greater chance it has of becoming a reality. If we predict a scheme of conspiracy or pain on this day, then that is what we will see, even if good things are happening. If we choose to put our attention on the positive side of things, then that's how it will be.

The important thing is for you to take your place in this change, aware that you will have to fearlessly face yourself and all of your own structures in order to do it. 

The Time and Space we choose defines destinies and inscribes information and intention in collective consciousness, which must be held accountable for what it does when it receives and expands this information. 

Will things be carried out consciously or unconsciously, from fear or from love? 


Jerusalem means "City of Peace", which seems like a contradiction
From the times of its first settlement, its inhabitants have encountered great Unity and Strength in these lands, from which they were able to find and focus their purpose. Regardless of the origin, culture, or religion of the people from which it came, everyone who passed through these lands sought to settle and proclaim it as sacred
For this reason, this city truly does not belong to one single people but to Humanity, since the events that took place here have marked the history of over half the world's population. 

In this city of Peace, you can perceive peace as you walk through its streets, but it is conditioned by war. Strolling through its streets denotes safety, but there is also a sense of mistrust. Different religions and cultures live side by side as sisters, as not seen anywhere else in the world, but they hate each other nonetheless.

This point represents Humanity; for in its strongest dispute of Duality, it also lives in the greatest Unity. Respecting each other's differences, we live alongside each other; those who love each other and those who hate each other, like a family whose members have endless problems to resolve, but who are a family nonetheless. 

This is why so many prophets have left their messages here: they were not for just a few; but for us all, for Humanity as a whole, which is why the Faith of the World is linked to these hills. 


There is something that unites all humans, and that is our origin. We all come from the same source, whether it be Stellar, Earthy, or Divine; we all come from the same family that was created to give birth to what we are. Its words and secrets lie in the only thing we all share: our Blood. 

Our bodies are composed of 70% water, of which the greater percentage corresponds to our blood. The water in our world was brought to us by the Moon, which regulates the tides of the ocean and the flow of our blood, which is expressed in our emotions
A Blood Moon is created by the Earth's shadow as it crosses between the Sun and the Moon, which means that all the Earth's energy is dragged toward the centre of the Moon by the light of the Sun. 

All our past experiences, fears and frustrations, attachments and prejudices, will be projected onto the Moon from the Earth, who will transmute what we give to her; if we decide to give it to her...

The Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses that have taken place since April 2014, mark 4 events that recur periodically, signalling cycles of change in the internal state of humanity and society and encouraging great transformation, but not guaranteeing it. 


I had no idea why I was given this trip out of the blue, almost as if it were an obligation. As always,  the trip takes place in a location where the information starts to make sense, and the task to be carried out becomes clear. 

On Friday afternoon during Shabat, after sunset, I followed a wave of Orthodox Jews who were moving quickly from the Jaffa Gate toward the Western Wall of the Temple, known as the Wailing Wall. 

We headed over, and when I saw everyone singing, praying, and dancing, I felt a strong call from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where it is said that Jesus Christ was Crucified and Ascended. 

Quickly, we made our way there an hour before they close the doors, and I headed directly to the only point that is open to tourists: the main hall considered to be the centre point of Christ's Ascension, and thus, known as Ground 0 of Christianity in the World. 

Meditating in silence and conversing with beings who were present on other dimensions, we came to understood the meaning of our physical presence there: To be an anchor at the centre point of the largest network of Faith in the world, for the liberation of everything we carry on our shoulders, linked through all the temples of the world in connection to this node; so in this way, we could send it to the Moon under the Power of the Eclipse. 

To assist in the Ascension of a part of human consciousness from a location that is historically recognized as being the centre point of the Ascension of someone who joins hundred of millions of people. Beyond Christianity, this point connects the Jewish peoples, Muslims, and Christians of all kinds: Orthodox, Armenian, Greek, Protestant, Catholic, Ethiopian, Coptics, and many more...


To weave a web of Light and unconditional Love between all the temples of the world, from inside or outside of these temples, placing our intention in meditation on connecting them to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, to transmute all pain, frustration, and stagnated conflict from the past by elevating it toward the Moon, like trails of light rising out into the atmosphere and beyond. 

To do this, if you feel called to, go to the temple closest to you and from the inside or outside of the temple, in meditation, imagine you are weaving a web between every temple, church, mosque, or synagogue in the world, connecting them to Jerusalem and sending the intention to Elevate everything that is no longer useful; everything that prevents Humanity from touching its deepest being, and sustaining this vibration with smiles, laughter, and love, activating the entire network.  

For those who resonate, you are called to extend all your Love to the Harvest Moon to add our tiny grain of sand to the Ascension of Planetary Consciousness. 

Thank you for walking the Earth,
 Thank You for having chosen to be born in these times. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Healing our Blood

Following the signs, the Path has led me to Jerusalem during this special month of September, in which, according to numerology, a 7 year cycle will be completed thus indicating a time for significant possible changes. 

Seven, seven year cycles are coming to a close since the Founding of Israel, beginning a new Shmitah (sabbath year) during the Fall Equinox under the fourth Blood Moon. All of this and more sheds light on an important date that has repeatedly revealed significant changes in reality

As an integral part of the path, during Harwitum in 2012 we talked about the importance of the geological fault between Africa and the Middle East, where the nations of Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria converge in a chaotic energetic loop. Situated on top of the Solar Plexus Chakra of the Earth, this loop drives the energetic shifts in polarity by absorbing the densities of the lower chakras to ascend into the higher chakras. 

Well, it was here where the Tree of Life was born, which contains the spheres of universal knowledge, or Sephirot; knowledge that the Hebrew people inherited since the fall of Atlantis and which they have maintained in their language, and thus in their blood. They were the chosen people who, as they dispersed throughout the world, were meant to plant these divine codes over the course of thousands of years and keep them safe during times of darkness. 

However, the darkness of unconsciousness overtook all peoples, and this tree began to tangle itself around the world, preventing the world from seeing the light of the Sun, which is the Truth. 

So it is from here where the great movements of faith and knowledge that create and destroy our current world are simultaneously united and divided.

During Roma-Amor in June 2014, we arrived at the Vatican with the goal of turning the key to allow the denser frequencies created in the Middle East to move upward into the beating Heart of Unconditional Love, transcending the Crosses of the Inquisition and opening the doors to the Freedom of Being. 

When we arrived in Egypt in August of 2015, we released the power of the information of the Sephirot and extended it out toward the 72 planetary nodes so the potential of the 27 thousand human genes could be activated in its human reflection; to alight the Flower of Life and give way to the birth of a new Tree. 

In some sense, this is why one month later, this energy must reach the heart of Transcendence: the Jordan Valley. 

Whether we like it or not, the people who live here are fundamental to the development of the Human Being. Beyond all cultures and Zionist conspiracies, the blood of our origins bursts forth from these lands and out into the world, which is what turned all the prophets who visited them into an example of obtaining divinity. 

The Moon is the Mother that brought us the water of life, the Earth is the Mother that gave us Form, and the Sun is the Father/Mother that endowed us with the Impulse to live. 

Their union this 27th and 28th of September will cause the Mother of Water to turn the colour of our own water: the colour of Blood. Blood is an element that contains our information and power, and it must awaken. 

In this way, outside and beyond everything this event entails politically, economically, and socially, the fundamental intention is to Awaken the Divine Blood that lies in these lands to circulate the codes of information that we released in Egypt on 888. 

For this, I invite you to join me in the simple task of: 

From the 21st of September and up until the Blood Moon on September 28th, listen carefully to the Cheops recording at least once a day, placing your Index and Middle fingers together on the upper part of the Solar Plexus Chakra, just below the sternum. Connect with the Fault of the River Jordan (Jordan Rift Valley) and its surrounding countries, visualizing the lands of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Galilee, the River Jordan, and the entire region, and sing to them with unconditional love, drawing them within as you extend the 888 codes out toward the Blood of the World. This is especially important during the night of the 27th and the morning of the 28th, to accompany the energies of the eclipse. 

For those who resonate, repeat the mantra "I AM" as you send out the intention to activate the Blood of the world, and even better if you can do so by using the Hebrew words: 

I Am that I Am * Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

Click here for the Cheops recording

I will continue giving updates as the days go along.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

From Sirius to Syria

Some Words...from the heart of Sirius to the heart of Syria.
"In your light, beautiful star I once inhabited, I saw the origins of a holy people that called us to create the pillars of a new world, in sandstone prairies shining with etheric lakes of sunshine, givers of words reminiscent of the mother of the children we are today. Children who, leaving the light of your refuge, mother star, sought out a land which carried wisdom by name, and in her warmth, reminded us of you. 
Now your protection fades into the distance, heralding in the children of today with our cries; the birth of a new world as your light vanishes into the mirages of the old truth. Your sister cries tears to open new paths for those who, in the fresh air of the goddess Wind, are able to travel them, hopeful to find you once again on the breast of Love which is change; where children laugh in emerald green meadows, where their cheeks are bathed by tears of happiness...
Isis, spirit of Syria, our mother star; we, celestial children, watch you through the tears of longing that your distant celestial twinkles evoke, resonating with smiles of faith, wishing only to light up the magnificence of your light through all the world, where your helpless children walk barefoot in their aimless yet luminous wandering..."

On behalf of everyone who once left Sirius, I dedicate these words to all those who are leaving Syria today. WE ARE ONE!


1- I speak from my life experience in the worlds of the star Sirius.
2- the Land of Syria is the reflection of the Mother star.
3- the Goddess Isis is the Mother goddess, spirit of the Star (today ISIS is attacking the country of Syria). 
4- the Sister who is Crying is the Moon, who was the guardian of the deprived and helpless in ancient times. 
5- the Children are Humanity, and the holy people are the sons of the celestial worlds.
6- the goddess Wind is the Greek god of Air known as Europe.
7- the breast of Love is the new world that will be born after the conflict. 


It is not the conflict of War that distances us from Peace, but our failure to remember Who We Are, which disconnects us from what is True. War ends the moment I recognize my being as the creator of all realities. 
Our internal war will vanish the moment we stop struggling, and simply understand its roots to transcend our own creation.  
The War we share in the world will vanish once this process is co-created by our collective consciousness, and when each individual joins together to share the transcendence of their own process as cells in the body of Humanity. 
Syria is the Voice of the Great Serpent, located in the throat under the head that is Turkey: this voice is crying out to the world, announcing a powerful and inevitable change: the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. 
Look at these changes with the love they deserve, recognizing the pain of those creating it to free them from the worst of all wars: that which resurges within us time and time again following the cycles of history. 
Change is constant; let's not fear transformation however much it may hurt: the realities of today, even the ones we love, emerge from the imperative need to change in the face of the deep and dark roots of our being we find the power that will help us see how high we've reached our leaves to touch the light of the Sun. 
Pilgrims of the Universe, Travellers of the Earth, it is our duty to keep on walking, to migrate and transform; but now, detached from pain and radiating Love toward the densest and darkest shadows. 

Elah ed-ti'óm... may Love be in and with us.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8-8-8 Summary


This August 8, 2015: 888, these Calendrical numbers indicated the moment for a large group of conscious people to come together as a Network under a shared purpose: to deposit a seed of light in the Divine Matrix to reactivate the great Tree that unites Heaven, Humanity, and Earth in eternity, awakening the codes for a New Reality. 

Crossing this Portal is a symbol which, like each portal we pass through in our lives, prepares us to fulfill our mission here on Earth as a collective, helping us to elevate our frequency to the necessary level. 

Nothing will take place during these portals that can astound us in unconsciousness, as everything that happens brings us consciously toward inner fullness and the rightful perception of reality. Being in the middle of it all, we can recognize the quantum power that we generate when we come together around a single thought that creates an idea that can change reality. Numbers and dates are simply focal points that help to concentrate our thought, and their repetition is what sustains and recreates them over and over again so we can grow in knowledge and consciousness. 


Within the Great Pyramid of Cheops, together with Micerinos and Kefren, the records of the origin and purpose of Humanity have been kept. The Sphinx is their Guardian and Custodian. 

Having gathered the potency from all the work and activations that have been carried out by hundreds of people along the Nile in years prior, we propelled the gears of the Chakras of Egypt so that, with all this power, we could release a great emission of ancestral energy into the Network on the morning of 888. In this way, we would be able to plant the information necessary in order to complete our mission as a group within the great mission of Humanity that will take place over the next 8 years, until the next 888 in 2024. 


At 4am Cairo time, we presented ourselves in front of the Great Sphinx, to whom we asked permission to awaken the atlantean records we once left there. In the background, amidst the silence, someone far away was listening to the song Misty Mountain from The Hobbit, before the songs of prayer began to saturate the atmosphere.

Wrapped in this mysticism, we planted the atlantean crystals in the Third Eye of the Nile as an offering and key for this portal. 

When we entered the Pyramid, they invited us to enter not only the King's Chamber, but the 3 other chambers as well. 

1 - Under the Earth, in the chamber of the Body and the Earth, to the sound of the drum, we vibrated in synchrony with the roots of the world and their records, awakening them. 

2 - In the middle of the Pyramid, the chamber of the Soul and Humanity, we expanded the Flower of Life out into the Network. 

3 - High up in the Upper chamber, the chamber of the Spirit and Heavens, we propelled this information and consciousness in fullness out into the great Magnetic Grid. 

Masters of all kinds and epochs made themselves present, and some of them spoke, guiding us through an hour of activation which, without planning beforehand, gave way to ceremonious harmonies. 

The 4 of us present were used as physical tools that represented fractals of an enormous Network of people, which goes beyond just those who were connected in this task. Everything said and done was for everyone. 

And without us knowing, Iranzu left her phone recording in a corner, and everything was recorded. This is why we have decided to share it with you, as it belongs to everyone. 

The Audio still isn't in as high quality as we would like, as it became over saturated with so much vibration, but it nonetheless maintains the frequency that was generated there. 

Everything took place in absolute darkness, as they allowed us to turn off all the lights and ventilation, which can be heard at the beginning and end of the recording. 


What these sounds are capable of moving inside of you is very powerful, and I advise you to listen to them when you are calm and in meditation, or about to sleep.

The voices belong to the only 4 people who were there, alone. At the end, the words in other languages are codes of information which three channelled beings extended into the Network in the shape of a Flower and Seeds of Life. 

From now on, you can meditate with this, holding the frequency of the entire Nile and our ancestors inside of you, radiating and pulsing them out into the Network. 

Thank you for being part of this Path and of the co-creation of a New Reality. 

Click on the following link for the recording:

Audio SoundCloud Activation 888

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


PORTAL 8-8-8

Beginning to Think toward IAM
See the Assignment below

Message Received on June 21, 2015, in Amantaní, Titikaka:  

"Gentlemen of the round table, of the eye observed by thousands of eyes, which are all of you. Flower of life arising in light...will transform"

"We must remember our meeting in Orion, which is key for our mission today. Some of us were a part of the War Council, and others were Generals and soldiers. The battle broke out due to a disagreement between the factions that oversee the Galaxy, about allowing systems of darkness to take control of the evolutionary process: 
take us to our limits in order to transcend, they called it...

The War Council decided to go ahead with the opposition battle for many cycles, until it chose to transcend the galactic conflict by looking for places where the battle could be fought, but from integration. This led to the unification of genetics from all over the galaxy, to transcend the battle from within. 
The Earth was chosen as one of the worlds where this would take place,
but by forcing Her to evolve.

The Father forced the Mother, but the Mother loved her children; the only ones who can bring them together.

During the Atlantean conflict, the Earth was protected from other stellar civilizations,
and we remained disconnected. 
Solar Discs were deposited in the Earth to maintain the Heavenly codes 
until the moment when we could reconnect again.

Only her children can bring them together; this is why we were born, so that from the Earth itself, we can open the doors of Love to the Father.

The fact is, we forced the Earth to transmute and live part of the Orion conflict, 
and everything we are living today is the result of this. If we can achieve reconnection on Earth, 
it will mean triumph for the Galaxy." 


The Planetary Assignment we find ahead of us has to do with this message, which I received before I knew we would be going to Egypt. 

During the Battle of Orion (the constellation), after systems of density had entered our galaxy and pushed us to our limits, causing us to jump to a new level through force, hundreds of beings came into this world to unify the galaxy in balance and transcend to a new level, in which all faces and eyes (stars) would be able to see from the same place: from Within. 

To maintain this balance, the potentials of all stellar races were unified in our blood, and their souls chose to be born in these bodies that we call Humanity. At the same time, taking care of us, they created a support network in the form of pyramids, serving as the backbone of the Earth and Society which represented the galaxy and its stars, expressed in our world. This is how our stellar fathers (us on another level), could communicate with us on mother Earth, guiding us toward the dimensional transcendence of Unity. 

Numbers and dates were simple symbols that they used to announce certain tasks that we had already carried out on other dimensions, but that we had to anchor here and now in this world, as a kind of reminder or agenda that was meant to catch our attention and guide us toward Reconnection. 

So 888 is the beginning of an 8 year cycle that will bring us to the next 888 portal; numbers that show us the boundlessness and fruit of the project we need to carry out. It is a call to connect ourselves with Christic Memory, Grid Consciousness, the Unity of its parts and the transcendence of its created realities. 

So in this great assignment, even if we are not aware of it, we will be united in this nearly invisible Network, in which each person, from wherever they are, whether it be from light or from darkness, from detachment or from ego, from spirituality or agnosticism, from belief or from love; will all be collaborating in this process of constant Evolution, through the simple act of growing continuously, and expanding our consciousness in the artistic flow of our universe. 

Egypt is the place in the world where Orion left its mark, leaving behind the stars in the pyramids that were built to represent them, and therefore, they are the World's portal to the Galaxy.


The symbolic and tragic situation in the Middle East reflects what is going on in the Galaxy in our world.
The spirit mother of Isis nourishes from the Pleiadian lands, the star of Sirius; which, when it falls, unleashes the Orion conflict: regardless of the wave that will take us to the limits of transformation. 
This is demonstrated by ISIS or the Islamic State taking the country of Syria from Phoenician Mediterranean lands, destroying every ancient vestige in its wake, threatening to enter Egypt and
damage its monuments. 

For this reason, the Path has called us to travel to Egypt to take advantage of the 888 portal, with no other intention than to push the frequency of Orion out into the Magnetic Planetary Web, in this way leaving a sign for the Galaxy and the Earth to free up the necessary information codes, so they can be anchored in all the power centres of the world. 

To achieve this, we are joining the call of activities that others are carrying out on these dates, to further strengthen the Portal toward planetary reconnection. 


Egypt is traversed by a serpent of water and fire; the kundalini and spinal column known as the Nile River, along whose shores the ancients erected temples in relation to different Power Centres, centres of preparation for one's Being to activate oneself and discover the alchemical arts of transforming reality from the purity of spirit. 

Because of this, during the first few days of August four of us will travel to each one of these Temples, activating the frequency of their Chakras until we reach the Crown Chakra at the Great Pyramid of Cheops. From here, we will emit a great frequency through song, broadcasting the information codes out to the Network, which together, we will extend to all the pyramids and sacred mountains of the world. 

1- Join us in the activation of Kundalini, by meditating each day on a different chakra and temple: 

AUGUST 2: ABU SIMBEL Ramses and Nefertari Temple... Root Chakra
AUGUST 3PHILAE ISLAND, Isis Templo... Sacral Chakra
AUGUST 4VALLEY OF THE QUEENS, and Temple of Horus... Solar Plexus Chakra
AUGUST 5KARNAK, Dendera... Heart Chakra
AUGUST 6ABYDOS... Thymus Chakra
AUGUST 7FAYUM, Dashour and Saqqara... Throat Chakra
AUGUST 8THE SPHINX AND THE 3 PYRAMIDS...Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra

 2- On August 8th, 2015, from 4am-7am Egyptian time, we will be inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops depositing the frequency gathered from all the other chakras. 

If you are in the Americas at this time, getting ready for bed or already sleeping, you can join us in the following way: 
    a) Sit back and if you feel called to, repeat the following decree: 

In English:

In Sayontu: 

    b) Go to sleep listening to, or signing the Activation Song, as many times as you want, which we will be using in the King's Chamber at Cheops. 
  Listen to the Song here          

    c) Hold a stone or crystal in your hands (even better if it is pyramid-shaped), visualizing the Great Pyramid and its dome illuminated by golden light, raising it into the air like a pyramid ship and carrying the information of the entire planetary grid up into the heavens, causing it to expand thorough your vocalic song. 

          3- After this Great Morning Activation, we invite you to join in the other activities that will expand and reconnect the information of our Older Brothers and Sisters and the Stars here on Earth. 

You can follow each step of these activities and join them on the following blog (Spanish):