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PORTAL 8-8-8

Beginning to Think toward IAM
See the Assignment below

Message Received on June 21, 2015, in Amantaní, Titikaka:  

"Gentlemen of the round table, of the eye observed by thousands of eyes, which are all of you. Flower of life arising in light...will transform"

"We must remember our meeting in Orion, which is key for our mission today. Some of us were a part of the War Council, and others were Generals and soldiers. The battle broke out due to a disagreement between the factions that oversee the Galaxy, about allowing systems of darkness to take control of the evolutionary process: 
take us to our limits in order to transcend, they called it...

The War Council decided to go ahead with the opposition battle for many cycles, until it chose to transcend the galactic conflict by looking for places where the battle could be fought, but from integration. This led to the unification of genetics from all over the galaxy, to transcend the battle from within. 
The Earth was chosen as one of the worlds where this would take place,
but by forcing Her to evolve.

The Father forced the Mother, but the Mother loved her children; the only ones who can bring them together.

During the Atlantean conflict, the Earth was protected from other stellar civilizations,
and we remained disconnected. 
Solar Discs were deposited in the Earth to maintain the Heavenly codes 
until the moment when we could reconnect again.

Only her children can bring them together; this is why we were born, so that from the Earth itself, we can open the doors of Love to the Father.

The fact is, we forced the Earth to transmute and live part of the Orion conflict, 
and everything we are living today is the result of this. If we can achieve reconnection on Earth, 
it will mean triumph for the Galaxy." 


The Planetary Assignment we find ahead of us has to do with this message, which I received before I knew we would be going to Egypt. 

During the Battle of Orion (the constellation), after systems of density had entered our galaxy and pushed us to our limits, causing us to jump to a new level through force, hundreds of beings came into this world to unify the galaxy in balance and transcend to a new level, in which all faces and eyes (stars) would be able to see from the same place: from Within. 

To maintain this balance, the potentials of all stellar races were unified in our blood, and their souls chose to be born in these bodies that we call Humanity. At the same time, taking care of us, they created a support network in the form of pyramids, serving as the backbone of the Earth and Society which represented the galaxy and its stars, expressed in our world. This is how our stellar fathers (us on another level), could communicate with us on mother Earth, guiding us toward the dimensional transcendence of Unity. 

Numbers and dates were simple symbols that they used to announce certain tasks that we had already carried out on other dimensions, but that we had to anchor here and now in this world, as a kind of reminder or agenda that was meant to catch our attention and guide us toward Reconnection. 

So 888 is the beginning of an 8 year cycle that will bring us to the next 888 portal; numbers that show us the boundlessness and fruit of the project we need to carry out. It is a call to connect ourselves with Christic Memory, Grid Consciousness, the Unity of its parts and the transcendence of its created realities. 

So in this great assignment, even if we are not aware of it, we will be united in this nearly invisible Network, in which each person, from wherever they are, whether it be from light or from darkness, from detachment or from ego, from spirituality or agnosticism, from belief or from love; will all be collaborating in this process of constant Evolution, through the simple act of growing continuously, and expanding our consciousness in the artistic flow of our universe. 

Egypt is the place in the world where Orion left its mark, leaving behind the stars in the pyramids that were built to represent them, and therefore, they are the World's portal to the Galaxy.


The symbolic and tragic situation in the Middle East reflects what is going on in the Galaxy in our world.
The spirit mother of Isis nourishes from the Pleiadian lands, the star of Sirius; which, when it falls, unleashes the Orion conflict: regardless of the wave that will take us to the limits of transformation. 
This is demonstrated by ISIS or the Islamic State taking the country of Syria from Phoenician Mediterranean lands, destroying every ancient vestige in its wake, threatening to enter Egypt and
damage its monuments. 

For this reason, the Path has called us to travel to Egypt to take advantage of the 888 portal, with no other intention than to push the frequency of Orion out into the Magnetic Planetary Web, in this way leaving a sign for the Galaxy and the Earth to free up the necessary information codes, so they can be anchored in all the power centres of the world. 

To achieve this, we are joining the call of activities that others are carrying out on these dates, to further strengthen the Portal toward planetary reconnection. 


Egypt is traversed by a serpent of water and fire; the kundalini and spinal column known as the Nile River, along whose shores the ancients erected temples in relation to different Power Centres, centres of preparation for one's Being to activate oneself and discover the alchemical arts of transforming reality from the purity of spirit. 

Because of this, during the first few days of August four of us will travel to each one of these Temples, activating the frequency of their Chakras until we reach the Crown Chakra at the Great Pyramid of Cheops. From here, we will emit a great frequency through song, broadcasting the information codes out to the Network, which together, we will extend to all the pyramids and sacred mountains of the world. 

1- Join us in the activation of Kundalini, by meditating each day on a different chakra and temple: 

AUGUST 2: ABU SIMBEL Ramses and Nefertari Temple... Root Chakra
AUGUST 3PHILAE ISLAND, Isis Templo... Sacral Chakra
AUGUST 4VALLEY OF THE QUEENS, and Temple of Horus... Solar Plexus Chakra
AUGUST 5KARNAK, Dendera... Heart Chakra
AUGUST 6ABYDOS... Thymus Chakra
AUGUST 7FAYUM, Dashour and Saqqara... Throat Chakra
AUGUST 8THE SPHINX AND THE 3 PYRAMIDS...Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra

 2- On August 8th, 2015, from 4am-7am Egyptian time, we will be inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops depositing the frequency gathered from all the other chakras. 

If you are in the Americas at this time, getting ready for bed or already sleeping, you can join us in the following way: 
    a) Sit back and if you feel called to, repeat the following decree: 

In English:

In Sayontu: 

    b) Go to sleep listening to, or signing the Activation Song, as many times as you want, which we will be using in the King's Chamber at Cheops. 
  Listen to the Song here          

    c) Hold a stone or crystal in your hands (even better if it is pyramid-shaped), visualizing the Great Pyramid and its dome illuminated by golden light, raising it into the air like a pyramid ship and carrying the information of the entire planetary grid up into the heavens, causing it to expand thorough your vocalic song. 

          3- After this Great Morning Activation, we invite you to join in the other activities that will expand and reconnect the information of our Older Brothers and Sisters and the Stars here on Earth. 

You can follow each step of these activities and join them on the following blog (Spanish): 


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