Sunday, September 27, 2015

Assignment September 27-28


To be an anchor in the centre point of the largest Network of Faith in the world, to liberate everything we carry on our shoulders through all the temples of the world that are connected to this node in Jerusalem; so in this way, we can send it to the Moon under the Power of the Eclipse. 

To assist in the Ascension of a part of human consciousness from a location that is historically recognized as being the centre point of the Ascension of someone who joins hundreds of millions of people, beyond all religion and beliefs. 

A Collective Meditation to Weave a web of Light and unconditional Love between all the temples of the world which are linked to Jerusalem for the Ascension of Consciousness. 

From the inside or outside of these temples. Go the the temple that is closest to you, and from the inside or outside, set the intention to anchor light and love there

In meditation, make the intention to connect every temple of the world with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Imagine you are weaving a web of light between each temple, church, mosque, or synagogue in the world, connecting them to Jerusalem, and sustaining this vibration with smiles, laughter, to activate the entire network. 

To elevate all pain, frustration, and stagnated conflict from the past up toward the Moon, like trails of light ascending into the atmosphere and beyond. To make the intention to Elevate everything that no longer serves us to raise our vibration; everything that prevents Humanity from touching its deepest being.

The MEETING will take place for as long as you are able during the 3 to 4 hours that the Eclipse will last, from the beginning to the end, wherever you are. 

The height of the Eclipse in Jerusalem will be at 05:11am, on September 28th, local time. If you are in Jerusalem and you would like to participate in the Meditation, go to the doors of the Holy Sepulchre at 04:45am. 

For those who resonate, you are called to extend all your Love toward the Harvest Moon to add our tiny grain of sand to the Ascension of Planetary Consciousness

Thank you for walking the Earth, 
Thank you for having chosen to be born in these times. 

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