Friday, January 23, 2015

The Path of Towei Lumbar

The Harwitum Path is a journey that implies travelling along the magnetic frequencies of the planet seeking the centres that ancient peoples chose to co-create their history, and in this way find the clues that will lead our steps forward. Recognizing the sacred points of ancient cultures helps us understand the network that has sustained us as a species and as humans, while giving us the tools to continue onward to a new cycle. By unifying these points of the world, we can become aware of our origin and reality to be able to face the future in a new and different way than we have seen it in society up to present day.

The Journey must move following the vital energy of the planet, starting with Africa, then travelling along the Mountain Ranges and oceanic ridges that connect the largest energetic centres of the world.

In the following illustration, we show the route we will take and the connection between each point as we move forward. 

This is the same path that Humans have travelled throughout the development of our species, and for this reason the Path begins by visiting the sites where the first humans inhabited the Earth, accompanied by earthy energies (the Root and Sacral chakras).

Nonetheless, our Path arises from the connection to the Point of Healing between the Third Eye Chakra (South America) and the Heart Chakra (Europe), which is why the Path began in Capilla del Monte, Argentina.

Capilla del Monte and ERKS (Argentina)

Under this town in Punilla Argentina lies an enormous interdimensional capitol known by many as ERKS (Meeting of Sidereal Kosmic Remnants), which has also communicated the more appropriate name: “Urlindin”. This capitol was the catalyst of the creation of a cosmic Energy Plug on the Portal day of 11:11, 2011. After the opening of this Portal and the anchoring of its frequencies, we were entrusted to create a Vibrational Healing Bridge toward the Heart of the Planet: Europe. There, other Intraterrestrial cities such as Monrat in the mountain of Montserrat near Barcelona would await the South American energies to perform a transmutation of dense and ancient energy into an expansion of pure Light across the World. More information in Spanish here:

Barcelona and Madrid (España)

Within Europe, Spain is the “catapult” country for the energies that arise in the rest of the countries. It's essence is to bring what beats through the Heart to the rest of the world. Centuries ago, the Inquisition led by Rome was introduced to Iberia in the area of eastern Catalonia and brought to Madrid, from which it would pulsed to the rest of the World. Leaving from the port of Cádiz, it brought the energies of oppression, judgement, inquisition, war, and domination to the Planet, with its first stop in the Canary Islands before arriving to all other areas on the planet. More information in Spanish at:

In this way we can understand the area of Barcelona to be a transmuter of energy, while Madrid is the pulsation and expansion of that energy, with Cádiz being the path through which that energy flows, and the Canary Islands as its discharger into the world. This is why the energy of cosmic renewal that has entered Argentina must be physically or energetically brought across the Bridge of Light and Healing to the Pulsing Heart of the Planet, Spain, to perform the following work:

*To transmute the energy of ROME and transform it into LOVE (in the city of Barcelona)
*To expand this new energy of LOVE to the world (in the city of Madrid)
*To heal the channel and allow the flow of Love to reach the planet (in the city of Cádiz)

*To purify each discharge portal of this energy into the world (on the 7 Canary Islands)

Our Journey will be shared by all, for it is everyone's Path; it is the trip around the world to regenerate its consciousness and old patterns. 

Once this is done, the energy transmuted by the Love from the Heart of the Planet, connected to South America by the Bridge of Light and Healing, the trip around the world will begin with the goal of bringing this new energy and consciousness to all the energetic points of the Earth, to each Chakra, to each node of great civilizations, preparing the planet for a great transmutation and activation in the future.

To do this, we will visit the great Portals found in Mountains, Islands, Volcanoes, and Pyramids, allowing the entry of this new frequency that will begin its transformation in Spain. We must all do this work, even if you are not travelling around the world, as our job will be to carry the consciousness of each person who will be connecting with us day to day in each territory of our Mother Earth. 

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