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The Key Has Turned


The Purpose of the Journey

Video summary of the Spiral and what is coming

 Video in English: Summary of the Spiral and what is coming

"Pilgrim, there is no path, the Path is made by walking"

There is perhaps no clearer phrase than this to explain our Journey. As I always explain in my talks, the Universe had a Plan but this plan was not written, for it would be written in every step and experience that would come to transform it. As such, everything that exists is like an enormous blueprint made up of millions of paths created through every step. Knowing there is an objective, we recreate these paths to reach our goal. No path is wrong, as each one arrives at the same point: the Unity of ALL-THAT-IS, through experience and integration, and the surpassing of oneself through transformation. 

The Harwitum Journey is one of these many paths, whose objective within the whole is to cooperate in bringing Heaven to Earth by applying Divinity to the social Plane, which is what concerns us as Humans, being trapped in our current disconnected Systems. 

Let us remember then, that our path is one of recognizing Co-creation:

We are what we create; our realities are the results of the actions that we ourselves have created. I say 'we ourselves' because we are the products of the constant recycling of energy in this world. Everything that lives in this world continues existing, from the very beginning of time. We have been here since the beginning, and we will continue to be, which is why in the present it is our responsibility to change everything, for if we do not, the result we live in the future will be the product of our actions today.” 

After millennia of having closed the gates between Spirit and Matter, it is now time to open them. The Divine Spirit is connected to the world through our emotional systems, through transformation – what we call the Soul, so that Spirit can be expressed through the Body and through Life, to be experienced and integrated by the Being, which together, form the 3 as One. 

The Pituitary gland is the physical point through which the Spirit communicates its purpose to the Body, which is to be born, transform, live, enjoy, experience, transcend, integrate, and love. In society, our Temples serve this function, but if we as individuals lose this sense of purpose within ourselves and in our environment, then society does too, and we arrive at a painful moment of conflict that affects us all as peoples and nations. 

In this way, religion took charge of this connection and many abused this power by sustaining the disconnection of the Social Body. 

The Key that opens the door to Spirit is the Pituitary gland, which are these Temples, and which can only be opened from within. By recognizing that all of us have created this key, we can reconnect ourselves, transform, recognize our unity, and see that our errors are nothing more than experiences, and that we can never achieve the transformation of a system through love if we use the same tools that were used by hatred and control.

We cannot judge as we used to. We cannot fight like we did before. We cannot crucify, kill, silence or prohibit. We cannot punish, condemn, or curse, as these are the reactions we have been trying to let go of – they are the reactions of the past. 

"If you are looking for a different outcome, don't keep doing the same"

This is what ROMA-AMOR is all about. In the times we are in, the way to transform Rome, which gave rise to our Systems, is not by criticizing or destroying them, but rather by acting in a way they do not expect, by embracing them, honouring them, thanking them, and inviting them to change while recognizing the part we played in the errors committed, and in this way, acknowledging the solution and its transcendence from within. 

Love is Transformation, and we can only transform if we are willing to accept and let go, to surrender ourselves to the change, seeing that the great changes of the past are what have brought us to where we are today, having surpassed ourselves time and time again. The time has come for us to act differently, to surprise ourselves along the journey and approach our systems from the utmost of love, transforming them without ideologies but from Unity, from its foundations.

Is it true that in your own lives, while seeking a path of consciousness, enlightenment, and spiritual reconnection, that you hit yourselves on the head? Do you beat your brains, criticize, and dismiss? Do you judge yourself for being the cause of your woes?...Or with integrity do you recognize that your brain, your pineal and pituitary glands, are a part of you? Do you see that your heart, which beats, is also part of you? That every gland is present, doing its best, and that it is you who is responsible to ensure that everything is in harmony? 

Let us ask ourselves what our internal method is for seeking Truth and Divinity...and only when you are able to see Divinity and observe it in your surroundings, in our systems and society, in the body of Planet Earth, can you see that we are all a part of her, and that our systems are a part of each and every one of us, and that my actions create consequences in the Whole just as a kidney can cause symptoms in the eye. In the same way, what you consume can also lead to blindness in a company. 

For this reason in Harwitum, the Road from North to South, we are embracing and reconnecting the world through the different paths that help us recognize its beauty, even amidst the darkness, through unifying instead of separating, acknowledging instead of criticizing, suggesting instead of condemning. A Great Change in the World must also bring a Great Change in our Methods. 

"Let us construct Cathedrals in our Hearts"

On the 15th of June, a group of Pilgrims physically made their way to the Vatican, and unified in a Network of hundreds and thousands of walkers from all over the world, we sent our intention to shift the frequency of one of the greatest Keys or Pituitary Glands of the world. 

The Energy of the world which has travelled along the mountain chains of the planet for thousands of years, is now settling in the Andes, and as a result, the South is becoming the Leader and the Vision of the New World. The South, then, must bring this message to the North, so that Mother Earth can unite with Father Sky, and so that Father Sky can descend onto her, conceiving a New Humanity.

Having a Pope from the South represents the emergence of this southern frequency within the Vatican, the most important Pituitary Gland of the last 500 years, which is why as pilgrims, from neutrality, outside religion and in Unity Consciousness, we must embrace this energy and transmit it to the heart of the person who, from inside the system, can change everything.

To open the Gates of heaven is to turn the Key that has historically controlled these gates, which is the Power the North has held over the South. Oppression and conquest are the result of the Heavens being disconnected from the Earth, and only Love can bring them back together; which is why, from the utmost of Love, we embarked on this journey to all the Cathedrals in order to turn the Key, through loving the Pituitary Gland. 

We did not go to the Vatican because we are Catholics or Christians, as many of us have moved passed religions; we went in recognition that all paths lead to Divinity, and that the true Path is within. As a Family we must respect our differences, which simultaneously bring us together and make us the miracle of Creation that we are, with both our good and bad qualities.

To construct cathedrals in our hearts is to love our systems from within, to return to the power centre in our being, which is reflected in our respect and love for the whole and its many parts.

These are the exact words that I passed on to Pope Francis, which I share with you below. 

June 15th, 2014

Video summary of the 15-06-2014 Gathering

Just as the messages I received at the beginning of the year had indicated, I marked the 15th of June as the day to Turn the Great Key and Pituitary of the World without knowing exactly why, but everything came together perfectly for it to happen. From the 18th of May to the 18th of June, we embarked on the Roma-Amor Spiral, in which we travelled day by day through Spain, Portugal, and Italy, initiating the pulse of the Pineal gland and shift in consciousness in Madrid, and culminating on the 18th of June when I handed Pope Francis our message directly into his hands.

Over the course of the day of the 15th, the events that took place showed us how Nature, Divinity, and Humanity can work together as one, which is to unite in the process of transformation and transcendence. As always, water was present and rain flooded the streets of Rome, washing and clearing them for us, at least 500 people who were present from six in the morning until seven at night.

After the opening harmonization of St. Peter's Square, the Activation of the Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge, the emanation of song in St. Peter's Square during the Angelus given by St. Francis, the dances to integrate the Masculine and the Feminine (the Vesica Piscis and the Obelisk), the Activation of the Roman Pantheon...after all of this, when we returned in the evening to turn the Great Key, standing in front of the Vatican, many of us could feel the response from the Heavens, letting us know they were there and that this was their work too: an enormous ray of lightning caused the ground to rumble when it struck down in front of our eyes on the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Just as we had said, on the 11th of February, 2013, a lightning bolt struck down on the day Pope Benedict XVI abdicated, and now, a new ray of lightning struck, carrying our frequency.

The evidence was clear, for just as the lightning bolt struck, the sun began to peak out from behind the Vatican, revealing a double Rainbow in front of the Basilica, over the city of Rome, which also occurred in many other cities around the world that were connected to us in that moment – like in Catania, where the One Heart Dance was stopped to admire the double rainbow, and when Mount Etna erupted, becoming active once again on that day: the Motor we had spoken of was spurred into motion.

Divinity and Magic revealed how close they are to us when we allow them to be seen and enjoyed.

The Letter Given to Pope Francis:

Pope Francis:
From all over the world, many pilgrims of consciousness are uniting under a shared message of Unity with the objective of bringing Heaven to Earth.

Since I was a child, I began receiving messages from the Heavens and from Nature about a plan that would unify Heaven and Earth in contiguous evolution, which I called “Ater Tumti”: Heaven on Earth.

As I grew and began to share my message, many people joined alongside me, as we all shared the same truth within, even though each person saw it differently.

The only Truth, the Universal Truth, appears before our eyes when its messages are unified and spoken by people who recognize, from neutrality, that the Divine is in everything, and that its forms are simply the tools we choose to experience it.

We began to integrate its many forms, and we initiated a journey of Unity called Harwitum: the Road from North to South, which aims to unify the historical web and cultures of the world from spirit, recognizing our direct connection to the earth and the universe, and through their reconnection, allow heaven to descend on earth.

To achieve this, the doors of heaven had to be opened. In our biological bodies, the door to the spirit is the Pituitary gland, which connects each organ to divinity through the circulation of hormones, which make us who we are each day and who we want to become.

Society is nothing more than a reflection of the human being, and for this reason, its temples, pyramids, cultural centers, mosques, churches and cathedrals are the Pituitary of civilization, in which spirit moves and gives meaning to reality.

The Pituitary is the Key by which the door of Spirit can be opened in our lives to transform them, from within; from the civic and the organic, which is what the messages I received during 2012 were telling me: that it was time to turn the Great Key from North to South, and that Francis would be the one to open the way for its realization.

From that moment on, I have carried the Cross Tau of St. Francis of Assisi with me, who also recognized nature as a vehicle of divinity – but I never would have thought that the next Pope would be named Francis, or that he would come from the South.

Now I know that is it you who can turn the key, the Vatican, to open the gates to Heaven, shifting its power from north to south, and in this way allowing the southern countries to begin creating a civilization in harmony with the Divine.

*Why go to Rome and what it means to turn the Key*
The Key refers to the shape of the Vatican, to its emblems, and to the mandate of St. Peter, the keeper of the keys to Heaven. This key has always been controlled by the north, with all its secrets and mandates lying beneath, guarding the Truth until the moment that the Heavens descend to Earth. To turn this Key is to allow for all these hidden concepts to flow down toward the South, so that the concepts the north has dominated can be embodied in the New World. This is a symbol of change based on the Holy Trinity:
Christians know it is as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but previously it was known as the Father, the Mother, and the Child. In philosophy it has been called Spirit, Soul, and Body, and in culture it is known as Sound, Light, and Form; what science calls Frequency, Energy, and Matter.
Our intention is to collaborate in the transformation of these concepts, bringing them back to their original meaning – to return to the source, to recognize words, sound, music, and frequency as the keys to the unlimited transformation that Unconditional Love offers us.
Unconditional Love is love without conditions, unrestricted; which is why, for spirit to express itself freely in our lives, we need to express love through the liberation of our own belief systems, releasing others from their ideologies as well as our own perceptions – to be free from ourselves, and in this way, free others.

*The Vatican as the Pituitary Gland*
If our world is a biological extension, then our society is as well, and therefore our temples represent the centers of connection that unite a city to its spirit. For this same reason, in our current global culture, the Vatican is the Pituitary of all the pituitary glands of the world. If a great shift in consciousness were to be generated from there, in the releasing of information, in support of the transformation of the social body, in the replanting of its foundations, of its essence, and in letting go of specific forms and ideas, then the whole world would begin to change, regardless of the resistance that certain parts of the social body might put up, which is nothing more than a symptom of their sedentary custom.

*Shift from an ideological to a biological system*
This refers to the moment when humans lost connection to the divine, when we began to feel lost in this world, forgetting our own divinity. We disconnected from our divine and biological evolution on the earth, creating ideologies that produced parallel systems to the harmonious development of paradise in this world, which have led us to our current conflicts, which we ourselves created. For this reason, we propose a return to the biological application of divinity, to be able to join once again in the evolutionary flow of this world.

*Becoming conscious of a new world*
As all cultures, traditions, and religions say: we are on the cusp of a great change, a new era that will bring a new humanity. However, this is always happening, continuously, since evolution is a continuous process, which is why we always feel on the cusp of change, for we are always participants in the possibility to transform everything. Today, the freedom that our being feels in solidarity has brought us to times of great flexibility to co-create a system capable of allowing the transformation that evolution calls for. These are the new times, then, from this now...

*Objective of the Arsayian Foundation*
The foundation we established in Venado Tuerto, Argentina, in 2013, aims to collaborate in the transformation of our society towards a mechanism of biological evolution which supports the harmonious development of spirit, the self, humans, and the Earth, based on the principles of the Holy Trinity previously mentioned. The intention is to share activities that raise awareness about a different reality, creating activities that support a more integrated understanding of life in the world, administering and constructing the foundations of systems that can be applied to education, health, economy, and politics, among others.

In the plazas I usually explain that our current system is to the Earth what sickness is to the body: it is not something bad, but only a sign of an immanent transformation that the body (the world) exhibits in the face of something that it has not yet been able to integrate and transcend.

Everything we criticize, whatever system it may be, is only reprehensible for being a reflection of our own incapacities. For this reason, our movement has not come to criticize or judge, but rather to unite forces, to honor and thank, in order to integrate and transcend history. But only those who created the system can truly change it, and they will do so only if they are consistently aligned with Truth and Love. We don't want to change things because what already exists is bad or because we don't like it anymore; we want to change everything because God, from his love, endowed us with the gift of evolution, of transformation, which is the greatest yearning and gift we have received – a gift which has made us who we are today and which will allow us to embody what our potential holds, but only if we surrender to the change as well, together.

The Vatican – its church, our church, and the church of the world, has created a system of love based on pain and suffering, which today, is timidly changing to one of joy and acceptance. We trust that its forms will open, as only those from within who have created and believed in this now stagnant system, can from their love transform it.

Our proposal is that at some point, not in fear, but with love, that the human history lying beneath the Vatican will be offered to the world; archives that conceal our light, which I know have been kept for our own good, but in these new times we need to acknowledge them in order to know who we are, to close this story with love and to transcend to a new reality, recognizing ourselves as we truly are.

There is no greater love or liberation for the self than to acknowledge its history in order to understand its present and create its future...and in the hands of the church lies the ability to offer such unconditional love to the world, through the recognition that we are all equal children before God, and that His greatest wish is for us to realize it.

Thus, in your hands lies the greatest offering that the last 2,000 years of history could give to the generations of the coming 2,000: to turn the Key, freeing Heaven on Earth, and recognizing our divinity for the creation of our new truth in Love, which is constantly transforming.

Evolution has made us what we are, and it is through transforming and recognizing ourselves that we will become the divine beings we are destined to be.

Lamech, little care you've taken...”
One day before receiving the call from Monsignor Karcher, heavenly voices repeated the following phrase to me over and over again...Lamech, little care you've taken...

I have never read the Bible, and to be sincere, I know very little about religions. Perhaps this is what allows me to love all religions equally, and to trust in the messages that I receive. I did not know who Lamech was, so I looked it up on the internet. After much research, I was astounded by what I discovered. From a perspective of Christian belief, Lamech is probably one of the most important and popularly left out figures that impacted our current history.

I assume you know who I am referring to...not to the father of Noah, but to the Seventh descendent of Cain. “Seven times over my name will be Avenged”. Lamech then, being a descendent of Cain's lineage, was one of the greatest sinners of history; first a bigamist, murderer and barbarian, who had the audacity to condemn his own progeny to maintain power and control, and who dared to say, according to the Scriptures: “Seventy-seven times over my name will be Avenged”.

If we take the origin of this story as dating back 26 thousand years (the emergence of our humanity), and we ascribe seventy-seven years per generation, then multiply by 70 times 7, we get no more than 37,000 years of history. This means that Lamech, in his greed, condemned the entirety of our history.

I share this story with you because the foundations of the church and many Middle-Eastern beliefs hold their origins in the legends of Cain, Abel, and Set, children of Adam and Eve; foundations that have shaped our realities – which is why, by bringing our awareness to them, we can integrate them and relinquish the errors of the past, which were no more than unassimilated experiences.

His indictment shows, in some sense, how early mankind was condemned to decadence, disconnection, and the loss of purpose and truth, separating us from love through fear and confusion, persecution and judgement. But history can be healed, which isn't to say we will achieve everything in this life time, but that today we can begin to untether our history, to embrace Lamech, to love him, and to extend the Love that he was not capable of living or recognizing to the entirety of our history. We can only achieve this through the liberation of such patterns, allowing ourselves to freely transform, surrendering as Jesus taught us.
By loving they neighbour, and realizing that there is no temple to find God, but in the place where we lift a stone to find Him.
Hence, it is time to lift the biggest Stone of all, St. Peter's, and discover the truth of God that is hidden beneath.
The realization of our truth, that “only the Truth will set us Free.”

The times we are in offer the opportunity to heal our own creations, and integrate and transcend our own experiences. The true question is whether we have enough courage to accept so much freedom for ourselves and for others, and to recognize God in every living being beyond all religion or belief. We are asking ourselves if we are truly willing to collaborate in God's Plan, which is to constantly transform on a path of love and joy, where sacrifice is nothing more than the consistency and perseverance of putting our most beloved capacities to work, in service to the All.

We are entering into a new time and space; it is not a matter of asking ourselves whether we chose to do it, but simply a matter of asking ourselves when and how we will do it.

Our proposal is to do it Always starting Today, through the Liberation and acceptance of All that exists, including darkness, which is no more than a child of the Divine, an adolescent who still has not found himself, and who through our lives, we are helping to do so. In recognizing and transforming ourselves, we are simply expressing the wish of the divine.

*The keys of freedom*
Two Trees form the pillars of our existence, whose branches gave birth to All-That-Is: the Tree of Life, which is evolution, love, and transformation. It is the origin of two beings, our mother and father, whom some call Adam and Eve and whom others know as the DNA Double Helix. Its spiral is like a solid trunk that branches out, and from its interior, lies the power to transform everything. The second tree is the Tree of Wisdom, which endowed reason, consciousness and purpose to life. Yet, if such knowledge was used for control, deception, and confusion, this tree bestowed the worst of sins: greed, abuse of power, hatred, control...
Both trees are sacred, and both exist within us.
We could call them soul and spirit in one body, as well as blood and neurons.
The potential of life and consciousness – the union of the two trees, resides within. United, they can create the greatest liberation, which is not from the oppression of the external world, but from the repression of the internal.

We are sharing the following simple keys to illuminate our being with everyone:

*We are what we eat. Our food becomes blood, our blood is DNA, and our DNA constitutes both trees of Existence: if we eat light, then we will become light from the inside, and light is born from trees, which breath it: in fruits and seeds resides the light that will liberate us from within.

*In accepting and recognizing that everything is a creation of the Divine, we realize that light and darkness are siblings, not enemies, who will come together if we can forgive ourselves, integrate, and feel grateful for what we have taught ourselves.

In helping everyone reconnect with our inner truth, which is the truth of each person, we will see truth flow through our lives, teaching people to learn from themselves, without dependencies.

Perhaps if the messages of change were to be carried out by the heart of the Church, from the heart, then the world would be able to find the light once again – not outside, but inside, creating in the end: cathedrals in our hearts.

Without more to say, and expressing our strongest support for the labours of this new opening, we thank you for having chosen to fulfill this role which extends beyond a single religion, and is for us all.

Sincerely, and from the most ample of Unconditional Love,

Matías de Stefano

The 13 Objects Offered 

The meaning of the objects that I offer to you from the Heart on behalf of the entire Network of Pilgrims

 In this small box, we hand over what for us are great tools as a form of offering and recognition, and as a sign of support of the Will of many who trust in you as a gateway toward Change, and as a prayer, in our own way, for you.  

 We recognize that these are challenging times to be architects of change, but I know that if more and more people come together from neutrality, recognizing the will and desire to be ONE while continuing to change and know ourselves better, all limitations we create can be transcended through the simple act of love, which makes being a participant of this change so enjoyable. For this reason there is nothing to fear; there is only support, and although many of us are not religious, we unite all beliefs, faiths, cultures – everything, focusing on the intention to be present, holding up the pillars of this planetary change.

 We are missionaries of Divinity and children of the Earth, and both of these are inviting us to be inspired to change, just as they are.  

 Herein lie the offerings that hold the intention of thousands who trust in unity:  

1 – The Quartz in the black bag: Cyber technology is made from quartz, from minerals, which means that the information processed in a computer is the same information processed by minerals. For this reason, we offer quartz and minerals to everyone, as we use them as a way of exchanging information. This quartz crystal was present at every gathering in the Spiral that we carried out across 24 cities from Madrid to Rome between the 18th of May and the 15th of June, 2014. Within it are the voices, intentions, words, and songs of love that resonated through every cathedral, and we offer it to you so that when you hold it, you may feel the strength and protection of all the energy we have moved. This energy is meant to support you as an agent of change within the church; as you requested: “Pray for me”. The majority of us are Christians by birth, and baptized, but we are not Catholics nor do we carry dogma; we are simply here to collaborate, from neutrality, with all those who know that in their soul lies a key capable of opening the gates of the world. In this way, our voices, contained inside this quartz crystal, are so you may receive all this strength and support. 

2 The small white quartz: I consider this a “pen-drive” that contains the information of 80 countries in at least 6 continents. Here the Earth has deposited everything necessary so that he who possesses it will be connected to the wisdom of the Mother who gives us life. 

3 – The Sphere made of coins: It is sacred geometry. It is the representation of the potential of a being's radiance, divine creation in all its splendour. The person who gave this to me simply said for you to visualize yourself inside the sphere, as if you were the Vitruvian Man, which will biologically give structure to the prayers and intentions connected to all of creation. 

4 The Harwitum pen-drive and the coin: The coin is to remember that we Are All One, something that carries unimaginable value but is simultaneously simple, as an extension of the potential of the Vitruvian Man. On the Harwitum pen-drive there are 3 books written by me, and two videos: one that explains the Roma-amoR Spiral, and another of a song that a girl has modified for you. In addition, there are some photos that I share to show what took place on the 15th of June. 

5 – The pin with the Flag of Peace: As a symbol of unity and peace, someone gave this to me to give to you, to remember that the Holy Trinity is in everything, and that our role is to become conscious of bringing the divine to earth through the heart. 

6 – The Trimmed Cross: It is an ancient symbol, but one that Benjamín Solari Parravicini, an Argentine prophet, redesigned with the purpose of returning to a new axis of humanity. We began to use this symbol when we noticed that many of its indications were mirrored in the steps we were taking, and so it became a kind of emblem which has brought us all the way here, as a group of “crusaders” who arrived to Rome to offer Love. 

7 – The books of Parravicini: Here we offer what was given to us by the Rosarian custodian of the still un-revealed prophecies of Benjamín, who, upon knowing that they would arrive in your hands, did not doubt in giving them to us so that you could look through them. 

8 – The little white bag: This contains three kinds of crystals, representing the trinity. They are connected to the cathedrals of all 24 cities of the spiral, as each of them were placed within their walls. There is a quartz, a herkimer crystal, and a ruby. 

9 – The little yellow bag: This holds salt from the Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia. As such, it represents the pure consciousness of all of South America on all planes of existence. I offer it to you as a symbol of union between the earth and sky, as they are joined in its reflection there, and so that you may carry a little bit of physical light which is our Mother Earth. 

10 – The Tau of Francis of Assisi: This is the same Tau that was given to me the first week of July, 2012 in San Francisco, USA, which has guided me across the world carrying the message of Francis, until I found that the true objective of the message was not Francis of Assisi, but you. For this reason I hand it over to you, as it was the Tau that led me to you today. 

11 – The Tiger's eye: This small honey-coloured stone is a mineral associated with the protection and care of he who beholds it. Somebody gave it to me, but you need it much more than I do. 

12 – The Runes in the little green bag: Upon arriving in Rome 3 days before being received by Monsignor Karcher, I received a message that said: “Runes given should be returned once again”. While looking for the meaning of this message, I discovered that these runes were in fact Estruscan codes – not Nordic, but Italic, and that these peoples had accepted them after the migration of the Italian people during the Roman conquest. They are 24 codes that anchor divinity. There is much more behind them, but the important point is that they must return to Rome where they belong, and be consciously recognized as the codes that enabled the expansion of the paths of Europe. Perhaps today they can return to expand the paths of the unified heart, the Sacred Heart, which is not only Christ, but all of Humanity. 

13 – The Letter: Inside this letter I share a message on behalf of all those who walked this path, which is what has brought me here: to turn the Key, to open the gates and to Free ourselves, and in this way, Bring Heaven to Earth.

13 objects and offerings which represent the twelve Houses of the Celestial Skies and the Sun, which unites them, making us who we are...Christ and the Apostles, the number of divine creation, of the Mother, the Father, and the Child...

From the purity of Spirit, the depths of the Soul, and the warmth of the Body, each of these material objects anchors the most powerful of energies that will irradiate light around you, Faith, reminding you that there are people outside of the Church, outside of religion, who are there, supporting, and praying for you.


Matías De Stefano

A Door that Opens
It is the confidence and faith that we are capable of creating and co-creating realities which moves and transforms our exterior and our interior. Beyond the forms, tools, knowledge and experiences that we possess in some way or another, we come to see that without the will to move forward from the heart and the freedom to chose for oneself, we will achieve nothing in this world.

This Path is a journey that invites us to see that the strength of our will lies in the internal wisdom of the heart, recognizing that our tools and knowledge are simply collaborators in what our spirit and soul are already willing to carry out.

More than ever, the change is in our hands, so we must be very careful with our actions, for if we do not act from a place of unconditionality and freedom, we will be repeating the same patterns as before. 

We must be Free, but with Order; we must Love, but with Freedom. We must Act from the Heart, but with Awareness; we must transform the World, but with Respect...We are ONE, and what one person does affects everyone else, which is why we must be wise from the heart while moving everything, as everything can be moved. 

Herein lies the reason for returning to the Foundations: if we think in the future without loving the present and releasing the past, it is the same as constructing a building on top of an old house without consulting its tenants, and without checking the foundations that supports it. To Return to our Foundations is to recognize the strength of those who live in the present, so that together we can construct the future. 

 "Remember the Past, to Recognize the Present, and Reconstruct the Future” 

 Let's keep walking...ever more UNITED

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