Friday, January 23, 2015

A Message From 900 Years Ago

                                       WHY AND FOR WHOM DO WE DO WHAT WE DO?

As some of you may have seen, I travelled to Norway during the week of the 777 portal. I had been wanting to go there for some time, but this was the only opportunity I'd had to approach these lands...and I was clearly able to do so because it was time to close a cycle. 

For those who have not paid attention to all the things I've been doing, it should be mentioned that my current life is one of full awareness, but which is only a fragment of my True Life in which I am still finishing tasks that I began in previous lives and that I have not been able to close. 

Some would call this karma, but I prefer to see them as open-ended tasks that, thanks to the experience I've gathered in previous lives, I may continue perfecting for myself and others. 


For me, going to Norway in this year of Action, 2014, during the above mentioned Portal, had to do with closing a life cycle in which I was born in Stavanger, around the year 1200. 

The story is very long and one day I will tell it, but I would like to focus on the message that I received regarding my own path of existence over the last 900 years. 


Back in those times, the fall of the Viking era drove me to seek out new ways of thinking which opened me to a new world called Christianity. I became a Monk and devoted myself to finding the ways that Humanity could be saved from the destruction of this world. To sum things up, I combined the message of my ancestors with the Runes to give to the Pope of the time in the city of Florence, Italy, as a symbol of the opening of the world, carrying Christ's message to humanity. 

Upon arriving in Italy, I immediately heard about a man named Francis of Assisi, who I had never met, but who's footsteps I decided to follow. This led me to Jerusalem, where I reacted upon seeing that Christianity was nothing more than a modern version of the Vikings, and frustrated I died, probably of tuberculosis. 

Beyond the Planetary task itself, for me, returning to Rome to deliver the Runes to the new Pope Francis was a closure of 900 years, and going back to Norway to receive the energy of the Portal was an honouring of Sigurd, the man I once was, in his own land, to let him know the cycle had been closed. 

Sitting under the trees that guard the walls of the monastery where I had spent a part of that life, for two days I reflected in silence about what that life represented for me today...and I came to see that Sigurd, beyond seeking new airs and ideas, did nothing more than seek the Salvation of his own soul, escaping the horrific reality that surrounded him. 


I saw myself now, in the Present, recognizing myself as the Future of who I once was, aware of many things that I didn't understand before. The Time, Experience, and Reconnection the Earth offered me today allowed me to let Sigurd know that it was no longer necessary to run or escape, because I was now able to understood what he did and why.
The message I delivered to my past self is that there is no Salvation, for there is nothing to be saved from. 

Often we feel abandoned in this world, forgotten by Divinity, but we only have this perspective because of our inability to see ourselves as part of it. When we begin to see that the Divine is inside us, that we are co-creators, that God is within and outside of every being, cell, and atom, we begin to see that there is nowhere to go; for you have always been where you needed to be, as the origin of everything is inside of us, and our abandonment and disconnection from this knowing is nothing more than the sad reality that we have forgotten ourselves. We have abandoned and lost hope in our own reality and in our own being. 

In the universal goal of learning and experiencing, we create so many different facets and faces that we think we can have it all, but we soon realize that contemplation becomes confusion, despair, and exhaustion, and we forget that these many faces are merely our own. And there, in the struggle to recognize ourselves, we forsake and abandon ourselves, waiting for Salvation...we get so confused and tangled in our own knots that we blame the forms and condemn them, believing that they bind us to the world, and the voices that speak to us from other dimensions start resonating like confusing echos that frighten and bewilder us, when they just want to lead us toward the exit. 

Salvation, then, is self-salvation, and we have simply created monsters outside of us to avoid taking the responsibility for recognizing that we put ourselves there, and that only we know the way out, which is from within. 

We twist and turn endlessly, without understanding our purpose because we are distracted by the sense that the more I grasp, the more I lose myself. And in vain I criticize my mirrors, for I think I am not capable of accepting that I created them, so I ignore them and try to get rid of them so I can escape, to return to the Source, where Everything was Glory.

The resentment, the fear, the hatred towards what exists, and the relentless and egotistical pursuit of saving oneself and escaping, returning to the Divine, is comparable to a mother abandoning her child. 

We are Divinity and what exists is our creation; it is our Child, and to live this fully is to enjoy in this child's learning process, to see him learn to babble, drool, crawl, walk, laugh, try to talk, say his first words, to recognize himself in the mirror, to say “I” for the first time, and to grow taller...But growing and learning take time, through many trials and errors,  acceptance and unconditional love, despite the exhaustion and doubting this experience entails. 


Are you not horrified to see mothers in this world abuse their children, abandoning them as if they were objects? Are you not horrified to see children suffer from the irresponsibility of adults in household wars and wars between nations? 

And if we are horrified by these actions, why can't we see that the incessant and selfish pursuit to escape from this world, to seek salvation from this absurd creation, to hate it and criticize it, to search for the fastest way out, is exactly the same as abandoning, ignoring, and mistreating our own creation?

What exists is by virtue of our own will, since from the very Beginning we chose to create it, to enjoy learning through the glory of its transformation...To deny it or to run away is like a mother abandoning her children, denying them, throwing them away while trying selfishly to survive. 

There is nothing to be saved from, Sigurd, there is nowhere to run. The Divine has always been here, for it is each and every one of us; we are its mirrors, creating so many different realities that we forgot there is only One.

Sigurd taught me service, to be devoted to Purpose like a father caring for his children, but he was always seeking a way to save himself, and today I could tell him that the only way toward salvation is through the enjoyment of creation. 

Today I have made the decision to be in Service through Joy, and to walk my path knowing that creation, be it light or dark, is nothing more than an extension of myself, while accepting that every being, through its freedom, co-creates a part of the Truth. 

Returning to Source is meaningless unless we return with the responsibility of having realized that existence and the order of things are our own creations, and that beings on different levels are simply companions who are supporting us in the transcendence of all-that-is. 

What are we doing this all for? I always ask myself, and I respond: for the evolution of universal being through experience and integration. And for whom are we doing it? I answer: for the Being that I am and that I create with everyone else. 

Each step we take is not leading us closer to Source; it is leading us toward Transcendence, toward a new and different place of recognition, which we can only reach through respecting and loving our creations, which are our own. 

But we will only come to know all of this when we deeply recognize our Purpose. We are not here to serve a Plan, a God, or a system; we are here to Serve in the Transcendence of what I-Am-as-One with the Whole. My part is fundamental, and recognizing and acting from what each of us offers is what forms the great puzzle, the jigsaw, that allows us to Be. To focus on what each of us has to offer is to complete the circuit. 

Escaping is not the goal!

The goal is not to go back to where everything started; the goal is not to deny what we are by shutting it off, by disappearing into Nothingness. There is no goal, and there is no prison, only the acknowledgement of creation and its integration. 

Life after life, we are living the Great Life, which is not a wheel of karma but simply the life of the soul, which extends beyond our bodies. You are never trapped beyond your own capacity to recognize that you have created your own reality. Let us not abandon ourselves in individualistic beliefs that lead us to seek salvation, for this does not exist. 

Freedom lies in observing oneself and knowing that beyond our bodies and personalities you ARE and can be transformed. Free Will exists in the sense that we can choose the means and the speed of our experience. 


Still, after so many years, I continue seeing millions of people seeking salvation through religion, the economy, philosophy or technology, including in New Age Movements, in the spirituality of being; even in my Ater Tumti workshops people have asked what to do to reach enlightenment and return to Source. 

The objective is to Be, Here and Now, recognizing that I am All-that-is, and that within me the Three Tenses and the Three bodies of Creation merge. We are all participants of transformation and each of us holds a unique truth that helps complete our evolution, in the same way that each cell in your body knows its role within the greater whole. And when a cell forgets its function, the whole body becomes ill. 

I remind myself and everyone else that these are times of planetary Service, in which our cells must act for the well being and evolution of the entire organism, and to succeed we need to take risks, to transform ourselves and to leave behind the comfortability of our beliefs in order to take action. 

Fear is what causes us to seek salvation. When we fear a particular reality, our cells and body instinctively search for a way to survive, leading us to our most primal nature, to the origin of our species, to a lack of awareness. Fear is the oldest emotion, which helped us survive in times of galactic darkness, but we were blessed with many emotions, each of which contains a potential. 

These emotions are not negative. The irrational expression that impedes our growth and evolution is simply the inability to apply and express our potentials. Our potentials dwell in the Heart, they are the impulse to be of Service, which beats in the palms of our hands, in Giving and Receiving. If we know how to use our potentials correctly, if from love we dedicate ourselves to be of Service to All, to evolution, by placing our little piece in the great puzzle, then our emotions become the energy that sparks the action of our potential into the service of co-creation. 

Now I am able to truly understand my own emotions. My own incapacity to manage them in my life was the same inability to bring my potentials into concrete form, which made me run, escape, and seek the salvation which I spent over 900 years looking for. 

In my workshops I continue to speak about service, encouraging us to make the leap into the willingness to change, for the simple sake of moving forward...Nonetheless, I still see many people seeking salvation, people who do nothing more than criticize others or incessantly search for ways to escape the system, seeking healings, karmic liberations, and teachers, all of which support us, but that only distance us from the responsibility of our own creations. 

And there, in the world, is our constant reflection shouting out to all of humanity. As I say in my workshops, the Earth is a living body with organs like the human body, and in the solar plexus, right below the sternum of the Earth, lies the Middle East. I always say that the solar plexus is the centre point of our body, the bridge between the material and the subtle which connects doing with feeling, and with the willingness to be of service. But the more we destroy that bridge by escaping the constant co-creation of Spirit here and now, the more the solar plexus, which is this connection, becomes corrupt and sick. The denial of this connection becomes the impossibility to manage our own emotions for fear of personal wounding from the bonds that help us grow and experience. 

Like a family or a couple, we try to appear like everything is okay while seeking peace of mind, when actually, an unconscious fear invades us that tries to survive and co-exist, to be in Union in this world we have created. And there, in that point, Israel and Palestine remind us of this rupture time and time again. 

This is a battle that must be resolved from within, a battle in which nobody should die, not even the ego, for the only way to transcend it is to build a bridge and recognize our Unity.

Herein lies the key of Salvation that does not exist: To Be in Service from Unconditional Love, aligning our potentials harmoniously with others, to form the team that we truly are. 

Today I read an article that explained why Argentina did not win against Germany in the World Cup. 

We could say, as I often explain, that Germany is the uterus of Old Europe and Argentina is the uterus of the New Earth. In the World Cup, the symbolism of the 22 stellar races coming together in the Heart Portal of Brazil in this year of beginnings and new action, suggests an immanent possibility that Argentina, as the representative of the Andes, as the axis of the new world and the birthing of a new society, should win. Nonetheless, the Universe showed something fundamental once again: that we continue waiting for a “Messiah” to come and save us. 

The New Earth will not have authoritarian leaders like the old times, but Latin America continues to think in this way. There is no team mentality, there is a collective subconscious that sustains the ideal or symbol of a single individual onto whom we project our idea of happiness.
Yet Germany, having transcended as a team, showed us how they act in harmony as a group, without the weight of a messianic saviour, operating for the purpose of advancing in growth and development.  

As humanity we are still very young, living in utopias that were sown long ago, which are wonderful and magical and which give meaning to every day life, without a doubt.

But in becoming more aware we must acknowledge: are we still looking for messiahs who will liberate and save us from this harsh world? Or do we recognize that each and every one of us as a part of the Whole created this with our magic, and that it is our responsibility, therefore, to contribute to its development? 

Let us not turn our backs on the Universe we have created, for, in the ancient conceptions of time, it is the future that is behind us; but we do not realize this, and so it is the future that we are denying by holding onto the density and beliefs of the past. 

Sigurd, I repeat to you from the future from which I am observing you: you are free, you are a creator, and as a creator, smile at your children who are your mirrors, and who will reflect this back to you. You are free from others, knowing that you are others; you are free from this world knowing that you were the one who created it, and you are the one who transforms it. You are free knowing that you came from Source to encounter a new beginning, enjoying each step you take along the path. You are free knowing that suffering is a choice, an experience, and not a reality. 

And so, I say to myself that I am ready to enjoy my creations and transform them in unity with others.

Humanity is an organism within the body of the Earth, which we created, and only we can transform it from within. This is the continuous challenge of Universal evolution. 

Step by step, from the greatest freedom, Harwitum invites us to take the daring leap to respect the information offered by each one of us, to respect each person's service, and to share what helps others to assist in the transformation of the web, knowing that every path you choose is a part of your experience. Today the Earth is asking us to wake up, to be here and now. She does not need us because she cannot do it alone, she needs us in the same way that our families need us – because she loves us.  

Are we willing to truly see that the web of life is the most beautiful fabric we have created, and that we continue weaving together? Are we willing to throw ourselves into the abyss so we can learn how to fly? 

From now on, everything we do is from everyone and for everyone. Let us stop seeking saviours. There is no way back other than by being present in oneself, connected to the Whole.
The heart is the key to this unity. (I will soon explain the circuit of the heart and what it means.)

Your experiences are they key to this integration, and nothing has been in vain. Healing is recognition, Salvation is Acceptance, and Glory is Transcendence.

Laugh Humans!
...Let's keep on walking...

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